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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

​This is a little gap in the wall...
Not sure what we can post at the moment, the food is smelling amazing and the boys have struggled with all that going on in the kitchen.
Colin has been running tasting evenings on Thur Fri & Sat so book and join the buzz. Food is looking excellent and the front of house team are enjoying watching people discover the tastes.
New Three Cliffs Web is almost done with a new Restaurant following in the next few weeks.
Booking can be made online, txt, phone ( 01792399030) or just walk in and have a chat while you book.
Colin has returned from Aus and decided he would like to return while Jamie is teaching young Rhys all about the building and how to do things.
Not sure what to show you as we do not want to give anything away about the inside, what we can say is that the new toilets will be open v soon so you may get an idea of the rest then.

​Watch this space 

New Roof takes Shape
New Year New Restaurant For Gower

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

​Everyone is looking UP...
As the building takes shape people are walking around looking upwards. Its a bit like Pokemon Go, there are needs for health warnings. Cars hitting people, people falling down holes, buses driving around and around as Colin & Jamie make a paper drawing become a reality.
Works been hard with the rain and wind, cold mornings have not helped but this has not stopped the new public toilets taking shape. The shell of all three is in place and delivery of toilets and sinks has happened.
The roof will help seal the building and welcome all the trades to kick on.
Thanks Team C&J