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Wine Tasting Evening - Wednesday 6th of September – starting at 6pm...

Friday, September 1, 2017

Wine Tasting Evening with Painted Wolf Wines – Wednesday the 6th September – starting at 6pm...
We’ve had an amazing summer here at ‘The Cliff’ thanks to our customers... And not wanting the summer to end, we have organised a wine tasting evening for Wednesday the 6th of September with award winning wine company - Painted Wolf Wines. 
Painted Wolf Wines are dedicated to the production of authentic, distinct and delicious wines and have won several awards – National Wine Challenge / Top 100 Wines 2017 – International Wine Challenge 2017 - to name a few... 
As Painted Wolf Wines originate from Southern Africa and support the conservation of African Wild Dogs, Painted Wolves, an endangered species – we have a South African inspired menu for the evening using local and seasonal produce.  (Full menu below)   
The evening starts at 6pm with an opportunity to meet the team and Painted Wolf Wines.   We will then sit down to a delicious 3 course dinner - each course will be served with a different wine for you to try. 
The evening is £30 per person – booking is advised – 01792 399030. 
The Team here at The Cliff look forward to seeing you all next Wednesday. 


A South African inspired 'Set Menu' using local & seasonal produce...    

- Chilled butternut, orange and cumin soup (V / G)

Main course...
- Lamb bobotie served with white rice *
- Aubergine, date and cashew nut biriyani (V) *
* Both served with chutney and a tomato, onion and orange sambal

- Melktert (cinnamon, rosewater, egg custard tart) (V)
(V – Vegetarian | G – Gluten Free) 

Great Food at The Cliff
The Big Night...

Thursday, August 3, 2017

​Aug 3rd 2017....The Start of The Cliff / Y Clogwyn...

​With a fully booked restaurant and a team ready to serve tonight will witness the opening of The Cliff / Y Clogwyn...
The kitchen are a buzz and after last nights dry run the team will meet at 10 for a de brief and one last recap of where we hope the journey will go. Last night saw 20 people enjoy the new surroundings and taste some of the amazing dishes Colin and his team have been producing. Look out for our menus and book so you to can be part of something special this summer.
Jodi, Jamie and the team

New Restaurant Look Inside
What can we SHOW you

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

​This is a little gap in the wall...
Not sure what we can post at the moment, the food is smelling amazing and the boys have struggled with all that going on in the kitchen.
Colin has been running tasting evenings on Thur Fri & Sat so book and join the buzz. Food is looking excellent and the front of house team are enjoying watching people discover the tastes.
New Three Cliffs Web is almost done with a new Restaurant following in the next few weeks.
Booking can be made online, txt, phone ( 01792399030) or just walk in and have a chat while you book.
Colin has returned from Aus and decided he would like to return while Jamie is teaching young Rhys all about the building and how to do things.
Not sure what to show you as we do not want to give anything away about the inside, what we can say is that the new toilets will be open v soon so you may get an idea of the rest then.

​Watch this space 

Full House

Monday, April 24, 2017

​Two weekends at the POP-UP
Easter has passed and what a time we have had....
Good service and loads of hard work, with 6 nights of TCs pop up restaurant running on Thur Fri Sat. A Great adventure was had by all....
New Head Chef Colin Lewis got his first feel for the TC way and enjoyed. Lots of prep and loads of madness, just before service, but the end product felt good. Customers took time sampling the tastes and getting a feel of what is to come.
It was a great chance to test the kitchen and the systems we hope to employ when the new restaurant finally opens. All staff have been making suggestions on existing and what could be done.
Amanda and our front of house team have now handed a to do list for Jodi & Jamie to think about . He will be working his way through it and making sure that when we open in full all is in place.
People have tried to book for next weekend but with the building we do not know yet if this is possible, will let YOU know.
All those who shared in the moment, THANK YOU for giving us a go. I'm sure you will spread the word as the food was fantastic, Thanks Colin, Joseph, Brody and the day team for making it happen

Roof On and Windows In
As The Roof Is ON?

Thursday, April 6, 2017

​The roof is on and toilets going in...
As the roof is nearly done the sky windows are working, We could have a cup of tea and cake in the new restaurant.
It feels great, a real taste for what will be can now be seen by all. On occasions its hard to imagine the future and this space but with the light poring in and the front windows filling the view, everyone can now see the end in sight.
Colin has headed south for 4 weeks so we hope he has a great time surfing with the sharks and getting some ideas for how to make the build look a little more polished. Aus Style...
Enjoy Colin...

Roof is ON

Friday, March 31, 2017

​The day the roof fell on...
​It's a big moment on any project and today, 30th March 2017 will be a day in the history of our business.
The team have work hard to arrive at this point and with planning and loads of measuring we have finally began to dress the restaurant. Colin & Jamie have put (in the miles ) in place the building blocks for the next generation. Southgate now can look forward to the opening of Gowers newest eating establishment.
It all feels good, Jo & Jamie are working with a team of talented people to bring the inside to life. no over the top statements just a great place to meet, dine and share moments with the family. The food will be the talking point and with Colin and the team working hard to test the kitchens we are sure the experience will be well worth it.
To all the team thanks and lets make it happen.

Eye in sky, only view, new ideas
Up In The Sky The Cliff Was Born

Friday, March 10, 2017

​Just a view...
Not that anyone will sit up here but this is the view down from the roof looking at the front.
Jamie been up here all week, snow rain and wind. He has nearly done it and out comes the sun. "What a beautiful day" as Mr Clement would sing.....
Still all going well Colin working on the front and walls plus geting thing ready for when the building is dry.
Colin Lewis our Head Chef is on twitter so if you would like to follow him as he starts his prep for menus and treats look him up