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Friday, March 10, 2017

​Just a view...
Not that anyone will sit up here but this is the view down from the roof looking at the front.
Jamie been up here all week, snow rain and wind. He has nearly done it and out comes the sun. "What a beautiful day" as Mr Clement would sing.....
Still all going well Colin working on the front and walls plus geting thing ready for when the building is dry.
Colin Lewis our Head Chef is on twitter so if you would like to follow him as he starts his prep for menus and treats look him up

Its Marmalade Time

Monday, January 26, 2015

Now in stock....seville oranges to make delicious homemade marmalade.  We also stock preseving sugar for that extra good taste.
why not try this recipe....
900g/2lb Seville oranges
2 Lemons
2.8litres/5pints water
1.5kg/3lb warmed preserving sugar
*Scrub the fruit  well, squeeze into a bowl, reserve pips.
*Slice the peel thick or thinly as you wish.
*Tie the pips in a muslin bag, then place with peel in a large muslin bag or clean j cloth. Tie with string.
*Transfer to a preserving pan or stock pot with the water, and simmer for about 2 hours until peel is soft and transpaprent. you may need to add more water during cooking time due to evaporation.
*Add the sugar to the pan over a medium-low heat and stir whilst bringing to the boil.
*Boil rapidly until setting point is reached at 105C/220F. This may take 20mins
*Remove the muslin bag and discard the pips.Stir the peel into the marmalade.
*Allow to cool for 15mins, to distribute the fruit evenly between the jam.
*Pot in warm jars and seal.
*Most importantly of all enjoy on a thick slice of Davies bread with welsh butter!!

New Post Office Gower
Post Office Plans

Monday, November 24, 2014

New Post Office Layout...
With news of the Post Office spreading and the shop team sorting things out for this new venture, we thought some drawings would help to show some of our thinking.
The midle shelf of stock in the shop will be cut in half. this will alow much greater movement when people walk in the shop. Groceries will be on the left as you enter and treats on the right with the new counter being placed in the card bay area plus a new spot for ice cream being sold out through a window.
Hope you find this intersesting and we look forward to answering any questions you have on Wed 26th Nov ....