Roof is ON

March 31, 2017

​The day the roof fell on...
​It's a big moment on any project and today, 30th March 2017 will be a day in the history of our business.
The team have work hard to arrive at this point and with planning and loads of measuring we have finally began to dress the restaurant. Colin & Jamie have put (in the miles ) in place the building blocks for the next generation. Southgate now can look forward to the opening of Gowers newest eating establishment.
It all feels good, Jo & Jamie are working with a team of talented people to bring the inside to life. no over the top statements just a great place to meet, dine and share moments with the family. The food will be the talking point and with Colin and the team working hard to test the kitchens we are sure the experience will be well worth it.
To all the team thanks and lets make it happen.