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Carrot Cake

Even The Times Likes Carrot Cake

June 20, 2019

Times Loves TCs Carrot Cake...

On Saturday 15th in The Times weekend, Britain's Most Beautiful Beaches.
Three Cliffs Was listed and a little info about the area. Guess What? Our little coffee shop was mentioned but more importantly "Carrot Cake". Being the first cake we ever made it's still great news to know people still love this old lady of the cliffs. Even with all the new cakes (vegan sponge, summer bomb & strudel) we still make about 16 slabs a week and no matter how trends change people just love this cake. Like all great cakes, some secrets can not be told.
With The Times in mind anyone visiting till the 30th June who mentions "Saw the carrot cake mention in the times on Sat 15th" must say all or no deal - free drink when ordering a slice of CARROT cake...